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She was lit up with ecstasy when we saw each other again after almost a year had passed. She was studying in Cambridge, I had been working in London. Not that those places were so far apart, but for some reason we never got to actually set a date and meet up before.

The week before I had finally texted her. "Dinner. Friday 9pm. Your town." She replied simply with “Statue in front of train station.” We had learned to be so short and direct with each other over the two years we spent together in secondary school. We never really texted with each other like you normally do. For some reason it felt wrong to say more than a few words in a fashion that was not face to face. We never said more than "At school?" or "Coffee, 3pm?" in our texts.

I didn't have to look for long while walking out of the station. She had noticed me before I had even seen her, hugging me tightly with one arm, while holding her bicycle with the other. "Oh, Thomas," she said with a serious tone. She started smiling, "I've got so much to tell you!"